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Bonding of polymers and polymer composites with metal and with each other

Teeth-shaped fins or pin fins on metal or polymer ensure anchor effect bonding versus adhesion (in glue or glueless joints)

Friction bearings with PTFE

Fig.1 - Friction bearings with Teflon tape pressed into microgrooving on internal surface


Surface conditioning for gluing
CRFP surface hardening

Fig.2- Microgrooving of polymers (teflon, UHMW-PE, and other low-adhesion plastics) for gluing with metals, composites or other polymers

Fig.3 - Interlaminar shear in layers of carbon composite (CFRP) after breakup.
No flaking-off from metal


Plated CFRP
Fig.4 - CFRP plated by stainless steel, having DC - relief on the bonding surface after the impact test. No flaking-off from metal
(metal -CFRR bonding was made by vacuum infusion)


elastomer deposition
Fig.5 - Parts of silentblocks with microfins for next polyutherane or rubber coating


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