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Meshes from metal and plastic sheets

  • Up to 500 holes per square millimeter
  • Hole size from 20 microns to 5 mm (for stretched meshes)
  • Ability to make meshes from materials not available on the mesh market (titanium, zirconium, aluminum, teflon (PTFE) etc.)
  • Surface area is 8 time more than standard meshes have
  • Slotted mesh structure ensures backflow cleaning
  • Examining the titanium and teflon mesh use in hernioplasty
Mesh from silver sheet
Mesh from titanium sheet
Fig. 1 - Mesh from silver Fig. 2 - Micromesh from titanium (hole size 20 microns)

Structure of mesh

Fig. 3 - Mesh structure

Titaniun stretched mesh

Fig. 4 - Stretched titanium meshsh


Teflon (PTFE) meshes

Fig. 5 - Teflon (PTFE) meshes


Mesh stretching

Titanium mesh stretching


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