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Surface preparation for coatings and other technological operations

Surface preparation consist in making micro- or macrorelief in form of fins or pinfins. DC obtained reliefs has the property of forming a locking connection with the applied coating or glue. Adhesive bond is supplemented by a mechanical anchoring connection.

surface conditioning for coatings title=
surface conditioning for coatings
surface conditioning for coatings
Fig. 1 - Ceramic (Al2O3) coating on steel Fig. 2 - Tungsten carbide coating on steel shaft Fig. 3 - Polymeric Repair Composite with ceramic ("Belzona") between fins

Carbides layers in surface
Surface conditioning for gluing
Fig. 4 - Tungsten carbide between fins Fig. 5 - Cohesionless polymer (Teflon, Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene etc) prepared for gluing


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