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Subsurface channels

Designed for cooling elements of electronic equipment, as well as biological and medical coolers. Cooling is based on pumping of liquid or gaseous coolants through channels within the plate.

Subsurface channels manufacturing bases on:

  • creating a seamless subsurface channels in cylindrical or flat workpieces
  • bonding two finned plates by brazing (soldering), diffusion welding or gluing.
subsurfase channels
Fig. 1 - Subsurface channels (not built-up construction, made from one piece)

Subsurface channels
Subsurface channels
Fig. 2 - Channels made from two soldered finned plates Fig. 3 - Channels made from two plates joined by diffusion welding
Size of plates with subsurface channels up to several square decimetres
Material copper
Plate thickness, mm from 0.5
Size of single channel
width, mm
height, mm



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