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Slotted screen pipes

Manufacturing of screen pipes bases on tube through wall Deformational Cutting

slot filter
slot filter
Fig. 1 - From standard tubes Fig. 2 - From tubes with longitudinal inside grooves
slot filter
slot filter
Fig. 3 - Slot filtering structure
slot filter
slot filter
Fig. 4 - Teflon (PTFE) filtering pipe Fig. 5 - Polypropylene (PP) filtering pipe

Areas of application of slotted filtering pipes

  • filters for water and wastewater systems
  • aerators and water treatment and flotation plants
  • filters for engineering
  • filters in oil production
  • sieves for powder sieving

Base advantages of filtering tubes

  • Slot filtering structure has the ability to regenerate by counterflow of filtering medium,
  • Tubular design of the filter ensures high filter strength
  • Filtering tubes have ability to creat radial filtering sistems
Parameters Value
Material PE, PP, soft PVC, PTFE, UHMW PE and other thermoplastics
Outer diameter, mm 10...110
Length, m
- for OD<50 mm
- for OD>50 mm

up to 4000
up to 1000
Wall thickness, mm 2...6
Slot width from 20 microns to units of millimeter

Adjustable filtering tubes

Helical rows of through wall slots ensure adjustment of slot width with high precision by stretching/compressing of filtering tube.

This principle works when filter opens when washing

slot adjusable filter
slot adjusable filter
Fig.1 - Filtering tube with helical rows of through wall slots Fig.2 - Structure of stretched tube
slot adjusable filter
slot adjusable filter
Fig.3 - Tube is compressed
Slot width is zero
Fig.4 - Tube is streched
Slot width is 2 mm
slot adjusable filter
Fig.5 - Filter with adjustable purity of filtration from 0 to 500 microns.

Metal filtering tubes

metal screen pipes
metal screen pipes
Fig.6 - Filtering structure Fig.7 - Brass filtering tube/ Slot width 70 microns
structure of metal screen pipes
Fig.8 - Filtering structure



Production of Slotted Polymer Filter Tubes by Deformational Cutting

Filtering Elements of a New Design and Equipment for their Manufacture


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