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Capillary stuctures

Capillary sheet
Heat pipe with microgrooving
Microchannels of heat pipe

Fig. 1 - Heat pipe shell made from microgrooved sheet

Main application of DC capillary structures is constructional wicks of heat pipes

    Base advantages of DC capillary structures

  • The constancy of structure parameters
  • High permeability
  • Large capillary pressure
Parameters of capillary sheets
Material all metall and plastics produced as sheets
Width of capillary gap, micron from 5
Height of capillary gap, mm 0,06 - 1,0
Thickness of capillary sheet, mm 0,15 - 1,5
Capillary sheet dimensions up to 450* 450



Microgrooved Wicks for Heat Pipes Made by Edge Cutting Machining

Variants of vapor removal channels organization in inverted meniscus capillary evaporator

Investigation of Heat Transfer in Evaporator of Microchannel Loop Heat Pipe


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